New kid on the block

I have been working in the same job for the last 4 years. I am a college counselor. I love my job and am I good at it. I recently made a move to a new school this year and it completely shook my confidence.

I have only been there a month but I have learned a lot of lessons in the last 30 days.

1. I don’t have anything to prove. I am good at my job and I don’t have to do it the same way the previous person did.
2. I can not be everything for everybody. I was literally running myself ragged trying to make every meeting, do every presentation, sometimes trying to be two places at once. It was unnecessary. I wasn’t giving anything 100% because I was trying to do too much.
3. I can make mistakes. I am not perfect and that is ok. Nobody is putting any pressure on me but me. I just need to relax and do what I’m good at.
4. Trust is a very interesting thing. I’m going to talk more about this in a later post. I don’t really know the team I am working with that well yet. I am used to being excluded from things and being left off emails so I have been just showing up places. I don’t need to, my counterpart hasn’t left me off anything. He hasn’t done anything for me not to trust him.

Being a new person is not easy for me, nor is change. When I first started it was hard. I was lonely and nervous and unsure of myself. 30 days later I feel more relaxed. I have made some friends and I am learning the lay of the land. This change is exactly what I didn’t know I needed. I am so glad that I didn’t block my blessing by being afraid.

Holding on

I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint.”
Jeremiah 31:25 NIV
My husband tore his Achilles a few weeks ago. It has turned our lives upside down. We had several things planned for this month that we weren’t able to do. I never realized how many things he does until he wasn’t able to do them anymore. Being nurse for a grown man is not easy or fun. A few nights after the surgery in which my husband can’t sleep because he is in pain which means I can’t sleep. Plus I’m getting up every 30 minutes to change his ice pack. It was a stressful night to say the least.

I open my bibleapp and this is the verse that comes up. How timely! The Lord knew how tired I was and how weary I was feeling.
In reading this verse God was letting me know that I wasn’t alone. He is always there to give encouragement. He won’t ever leave me to figure things out on my own. He is a burden bearer. Check this verse out in different translations. I think I like the ERV ( easy to read version) best, I will give rest and strength to those who are weak and tired.”
That’s exactly what I was. You may be there too or know someone that needs encouragement. Remember that God can handle it. You may not understand why you are in the situation you are in. I certainly don’t understand why my husband will be laid up for 3 months. I do know that I’m not alone in dealing with this situation and that whenever I need a boost that God got me. Please remember he has you too!