One of my best friends once told me sometimes she wants to hear good information but she doesn’t want to be preached at, which is definitely fair. I am nobody’s preacher. I do want to share how having a relationship with God has changed the way I live my life and how my relationship with Him has changed in the last 3 years when I decided to get serious about my spiritual walk. This blog is part of me getting serious. God had been telling me for years to write, to tell my story and I had just been running but there got to be a point where I couldn’t run anymore.

This website is a safe space. I am always finding the silver lining because nothing is as bad as we think it is. God uses every hurt, every struggle, every failure for our good. I want to be able to convey that without pushing Jesus down your throat. I also want to help you grow in your spiritual walk. You can not be who God wants you to be if you remain in the same spot he found you in. I want to encourage you but I also want you do more. I want you to be able to hear Gods voice and discern it from your own. I want you to want the things he wants and they align with what you want. I don’t want you to just have relationship with him on Sunday. I want you to learn how to be content in every circumstance because when we are upset about our present circumstances God will not use us or bless us in the way he really wants.

Most of these posts will have scripture references, books, podcasts, videos, website links for you to refer to as well, but right now I just needed to stop being scary and hit the publish button. Keep coming back because there will be a new post at least twice a week.