100% Authentic

100% of the time. Are you doing that? I’m not saying you dont cuss out your coworker for asking you some dumb question. More along the lines of are you uncompromising in your beliefs all the time in action and in truth. That question hit me like a ton of bricks in Sunday School.

No. I am not. I’m close. I am myself at home, work, and church. I spend the majority of my time at the first two so that makes good sense. I’m trying to spend more time at church by going to Sunday school, serving etc. I haven’t been 100% honest in my dealings with my friends and it weighs on me. Outside people don’t know the person you used to be, so any changes you make, it makes no difference to them. With your friends its different to let your guard down because they have seen you at your worst, they were probably with you when you were doing it. lol. Seriously though, rejection is a hard thing to deal with. Your friends probably won’t reject you but will they start excluding you from things? Maybe. Will they care enough about you and less about the things you don’t want to do or hear anymore to not exclude you? Its a risk I haven’t always been willing to take.

I haven’t been completely authentic here. Not that the words I’ve said haven’t been true. It’s more that I’ve held myself back to not offend anyone or make people feel bad about their choices. This blog isn’t for that person though. I don’t want anyone to feel condemned but I do want you to feel convicted so you can make better choices. I had a reader send me a question about spiritual growth. Side bar: yay! People are reading and thinking about things. It was a great question but I havent posted the response because I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. I may not hurt their feelings  but the thought makes me sad that what I say could cause anyone even a moment of grief.

I think to much about what other people think and how they feel. In doing so, I slowly compromise on the things I believe. Every time I hold back my true feelings in fear of what someone is going to say or what they think I’m not being authentic. I don’t need to express every thought I’m thinking, especially if it is not helpful or building someone up. However, I know there were times when I kept silent when my opinion might make a difference. When I walked a statement back because it didn’t jibe with the majority.


God called us to be set apart, not stand with the crowd. Standing alone is hard though. In some ways I envy these young kids, high schoolers and college kids. They are taught to be individuals, for better or worse they are themselves all the time. People don’t fault them for it either. When I was in high school all I wanted to do was fit in, I didn’t want to stand out from anyone. As I have gotten older, I have learned to be more of an individual but sometimes I waver. Its hard to stand alone but when I lie in bed at night and think about my day, I want God to say well done. Eventually if you are standing alone, God will send the right people to stand with you, if you continue not compromise, if you don’t grow weary of doing good.










Is God your friend?

Not until very recently. I used to think that I could do both, do God and do me too. I literally wanted to call this blog, doing God and doing me. I wanted to walk the line between secular and gospel, however the more I read the word, the more I realize that you can’t really do that. Its not really fair to God when you operate that way and I never looked at it before. I used to to think as long as I wasn’t breaking the Big Ten (commandments) that I was good. I went to church, I volunteer, I’m not a terrible person, but that wasn’t enough. God wanted to be my friend. He was definitely my father, my savior, but he wasn’t my friend.

Having God be your friend is a different thing entirely. You don’t tell your parent things that you tell your friends, you don’t invite your parent places you invite your friend. You are less inclined to talk to your parents everyday the way you would a friend. Its hard to imagine God as a friend, but I notice my life goes a lot smoother when I talk to him everyday instead of just on Sundays. I now try to talk to God several times a day and invite Him into everything I do, whether its partying or just chilling in the house. It has made such a difference.

I know it seems weird to think about God when you are drinking, partying or participating in other non church like activities, but God is there anyway. It would make it much easier if you just invited him along for the process. God can’t be are part time lover, only around when we need something. That is not fair to him. Do you ever let God talk to you or do you do all the talking? Nobody wants a friend that talks about themselves all the time. Have you asked him what pleases him? Do you ask for his advice (prayer) but then do what you want to do? Spiritual growth is more about memorizing scripture or reading your bible more. Its about growing closer in your relationship with God. Truly being able to call him a friend not only because you talk to him but because he talks back to you. You actually you use the things you he told you and live life in a way that is pleasing to him. I am not saying that is easy. Its not. Its crazy hard. The good thing about Jesus is that he isn’t judging us.  He knows and wants us to keep trying. He just wants to be a part of the process. So invite God in, he is already everywhere you are going anyway.