Faith vs being realistic

These two things don’t really go together. Faith doesn’t have anything to do with being realistic. It’s evidence of things unseen. Realistic means you have evidence, facts, proof. My God doesn’t operate like that. God can do anything,everything, the extraordinary. Things that are not realistic. Things that were deemed impossible.

Once he makes that impossible thing happen we have a responsibility to shout it from the rooftops. What a testimony! God won’t play you. He doesn’t give good things and take them away. He tailors each blessing to us as individuals. That’s why comparisons don’t work. What he has for you is not what he has for them and that’s ok. We don’t know what God is saying to them, we only see outcomes.

Faith is not pretending everything is ok. Faith is facing the facts and not getting discouraged. You got this! Insert whatever your *this* is.

Its easy to be scared when you don’t know the outcome and you spend a lot time in the dark. Even if God told you, would you believe him. God told the Israelite’s for years they were going to be captured by Babylon but they didn’t believe him. He told Sarah the next year she would have a baby and she laughed!

God is in the blessing business. Period. When the timing is right. Not a second before. He doesn’t tease. He doesn’t lie. He is not like man. He doesn’t start things and not finish them.

As we embark on the new year we always have new things that we want to accomplish. Being realistic always seems to get in the way of that however. You have something you want to do you should do it. Don’t let being realistic stop you from doing what you want. My pastor always says, if your goal is possible then where is the God factor?

3 thoughts on “Faith vs being realistic

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