Bible in a year plan

It’s the beginning of the year so I know you are looking through your Bible app or bible trying to find a reading plan to get into and the bible in a year may sound good to you. You may not have read All the books in the bible and this is a great way to do get that done.

I did the bible in a year plan last year. Just finished on January 1. It was certainly a challenge. I probably won’t do it again though.

1. I unfortunately don’t remember a lot of what I read.
2. Sometimes I wouldn’t want to read based on book I was in.
3. Then reading became a job and not something I wanted to do.
4. I got bored. There are sections of the old testament that are just boring. No offense.
5. God seemed so mean in the old testament. Don’t get me wrong the Israelites were being ridiculous but God just seemed really harsh at times.

UPDATE: I haven’t really gotten back into a groove of bible reading since I finished my bible in a year challenge. What are you reading right now? I could definitely use some suggestions. I typically like to read a short plan with a longer plan for some variety but nothing is catching my eye.

3 thoughts on “Bible in a year plan

  1. Congratulations! I just completed the challenge to read the Bible in a year too! I found it an incredible journey and learnt so much about the Jewish people, their stories, struggles and journey with God. Definitely some boring bits though, the countless lists of names!


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