Praying for your enemies

Sounds good right? Godly even but its a whole lot easier said than done. I have  a person at work that I have had some issues with. No matter how nice or helpful I am to this person it doesn’t seem matter. They are determined to make my job and work life miserable. I kept praying to God about what I should but nothing was getting better.

In Psalms there are several references to enemies. David wrote most of them while on the run from Saul, or his son Absalom. One verse stood out to me, Proverbs 25:21-22, reap hot coals on their heads. Ok. I can definitely do that. Even with the scripture backing me, it was still hard to do. When I first started praying for my enemies I wanted to pray for them in a negative way. Lord, help them get their life! Help me not snap on them! Help them recognize their shenanigans. However, this is not what Jesus is instructing us to do. So I started again. I prayed for their success and everything they touch turn to gold. I have included this prayer at the bottom.

Once I did it, I slowly started seeing changes. That persons life was not going well, professionally or personally but they weren’t bothering me anymore. I couldn’t believe it. Once I stopped worrying about the situation, trying to get this person to like me, and just gave it to God, I saw real change. The solution was so simple and quick I wish I would have done it sooner. It was much better for me to pray for this individual, then trying to correct them or go toe to toe all the time. That was getting old. Let the Lord fight your battles. I see now exactly what that means and why God wants us to do it.


Lord bless Julie Smith (not her real name).Let everything she touches turn to gold. Let her hard work show great dividends. Let her be able to accomplish everything she wants and more. Let her really hit her stride this year. Let people who are out to get her be stopped in their tracks. Let her learn and see and grow and do more than she ever imagined. Help her with her insecurities and frustrations. Wrap your arms around her Father, show her that she is loved, that she is valued, that she is your child. Help her do her best and know that no one is out to get her.  Show her that who she is good enough, because she you made her in your image. Let her know that her talents, her skills, her being is making an impact in our work place. Ease whatever pain and confusion she is having in her heart. Bless not only her but also her children and her husband as well. Thank you father. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

2 thoughts on “Praying for your enemies

  1. Very informative piece. Thank you!

    I was once doing a Buddhist meditation course where they guided you to visualise your enemy and allow the anger, resentment and hatred to surface within you. After you had sufficiently brought up those emotions, the instructor than encouraged you to wholeheartedly forgive your enemy and to wish the best for them. Having only one “enemy” in my life, it was a beautiful experience and I felt tears well up and all those hateful feelings disappeared. It was truly incredible, how powerful these practices of praying for your enemy, forgiving them, etc., can truly be!

    Anyway I thought I’d share my personal experience. All the best!


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