What’s in a name?

Picking a name for something can be pretty difficult. We all know someone who makes you stop and scratch your head and think to yourself what were their parents thinking? Does the name get the point you were trying too make across? Not always. I know people who just settled on something because they were running out of time.

When I was picking blog names I was all over the place. I couldn’t really get across all I wanted to do in just one name. I also didn’t want my name to be title because it felt like too much exposure to fast.

The more I write, though, I feel a little torn. Did I pick the right name? This is on the heels that I will be going live soon. I should have asked someone but I’m not always good at asking for help and I didnt want any scoffers. If you are reading this then I have gone live and the name is there and sticks. I don’t dislike it, I picked it. I also prayed a long time about it before I decided on this. If God helps you do something you shouldn’t have any regrets about it. This very well could be me or the devil trying to delay my progress. Its taken me 6 months from purchasing the domain to publish. I wonder why?

If you look you will find a reason to talk yourself out of anything. Whats the reason you haven’t stepped out on faith? Too risky, not enough money, not enough skill, won’t work, not enough prep, no support? I have felt a lot of these same things myself but I told a girl, if God is in it you will not fail. I needed to be reminded of that. Stepping out on faith requires movement. You only can research and ponder for so long then you gotta move. I’m doing that. At this point, I’m more on the side of whats the worse that can happen. I know this isn’t as big a decision as should I quit my job or do a missionary trip in a foreign country but for me it was big. Im baring my soul on the internets. However as my friend says, I’m standing in my truth. I followed what God said not just my heart, so as I leap I know he will be there to catch me. If you take time to talk to God before you make your decision He will be there when you leap too.

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