Healthy living update

I got a Fitbit for my birthday and I must say I love it! Go husband, for my buying me something that I would have never bought myself. It is so cool, I am definitely late on the train in getting one but I am glad I did.

You all know how I told you that I go from 0 to 100 real quick.

So of course I went on there and set the hardest goals possible and start tracking everything to see where I am at. The numbers were decent. I exercised like 3x this past week. I met my step goal 4/5 days.My water drinking was garbage, definitely need to improve on that. I was trying to do 64 oz a day. So four 16 oz bottles at home and four 16 oz bottles at work. That is really hard and wasn’t working well for me. Is anybody embarrassed after drinking so much water how often they have to go to the bathroom?

I didn’t want to drink more water because I was tired of the bathroom breaks. I decided this week to try and drink three 24 oz bottles a day. I think this is a doable goal and even though its acutally more water its not going to feel like its a much water because its only three bottles a day. I have a ton of 24oz water bottles but I thought they were too small. I see people at work drinking for monster size water bottles and I feel like I need to keep up with them. False. I just need to get the water in.

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