Power in standing still

I had a really good conversation the other day about being complacent vs being content.

My friend is known for the saying, there is growth in standing in place. This is not a saying that I had heard before but I was not fond of it. My whole life I have been taught, if you are not moving, not progressing, then you are not growing. However, the more I think about the power in standing still, I can see the growth in the concept.

A friend of mine sent me a really cool job offer, it was making more money than I currently make and mixing some of the things I really want to do into one standard role. It would definitely be a challenge for me and good move for me career wise. I told her I needed to pray on it before I submitted an application. I didn’t get any strong indications from God one way or another. I talked to a few people I trust. One person told me I should apply, why wouldn’t I? This was a great oppurtunity, which is true. I didn’t have to take the job, I could just go and hear what they had to say. My husband suggested this a well.

I really wanted to apply. I didn’t want to be turn down an oppurtunity because what if one didn’t come by again? Would I be kicking a gift horse in the mouth?

Ultimately, I didn’t apply. I know some people would think that is crazy but I don’t feel I made a bad decision. I had to think about my ultimate goals. My career is not my number one priority and I am ok with that. The job I have now allows me to work on all the goals I have right now. If I started someplace new I wouldn’t be able to go on maternity leave and that is something that matters to me. I am not saying I don’t wont to work. I do. I love the job I have. I want to have as close to “all” as possible. I just don’t feel a sense of urgency to leave my job right now. It works so well for my lifestyle.

I don’t want to be complacent. I want to continue to grow and thrive even if I am in the same space. When you plant anything, you lay the seed, water, and then you watch it grow. You don’t need to move it around, it will grow, as long as you take care of it.

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