31 posts in 31 days (1)

Hello out there,

Its already July. Can you believe it? I certainly cannot. It feels like the days are just flying by. We are officially over half way through the year. Do you feel like you are accomplishing the things you set out to do this year? I feel decent about my goals. I know there is always more that I could be doing, particularly when it comes to this blog. So I am issuing a challenge to do myself to do 31 posts in 31 days. It may not be 1 post a day because technically I would already be behind. By any means necessary at the end of this month I want to have 31 posts.

This will certainly be a challenge because sometimes I don’t feel like I have content for a post everyday but I would like to try. I won’t ever know, if I don’t try. This will help me expand my writing and give me more practice in general. It will also help me be more intentional about when and what I am writing. It sounded like a good idea in my head, so I am going for it.

Any writers out there that have done a post a day challenge? Any tips on content when you don’t feel inspired? Please leave any good tips in the comments.

Wish me luck,


15 thoughts on “31 posts in 31 days (1)

  1. I took part in NaPoWriMo, thirty poems in thirty days. I think the key is knowing that not everything you write will be fantastic. Some days it just won’t work. More often than not you have to work through a bit of sludge to get to the gold.

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    • Good point. I think the realizing everything is not going to be good is what is going to be the hardest. I have small issue with perfectionism, lol.
      I am working on it. This will be good practice for that too. Thirty poems sounds super hard. Good for you!


      • Well it wasn’t one a day in the end, some days I wrote three or four, some days none. But I had about thirty odd at the end of the month so I was happy. I put them all up, the good and the not so good. I think NaPoWriMo is the perfect example of how a skill doesn’t improve on a straight line. There can be bumps along the way.

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    • Thank you for that point Carol, my problem has been trying to make the content of any posts the best that I have ended up not posting at all. I will bear that in mind that it does not always work. Thanks again .


  2. I have never managed to write one post a day simple because of what Carol pointed out above wanting to post a best post. Recently I have continued to put off writing. I must just push myself even if it turns out not to be good enough.


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