When your friends spiritual walk doesn’t match yours

What do you do? Start by asking yourself some questions. Are they hindering my spiritual growth? Are they keeping me from God? Am I being negatively influenced by this person or people? If you can answer no to any of these questions that is a good thing. Are they helping you grow in some other area in your life? Do they encourage you, give you sound advice? Are they a strong shoulder to lean on? Diversity is important. I used to hang around the same kind of people all the time. The experiences I was getting were limited so I decided to expand my horizons.

It has been good. It allows me to share my walk with others while also to learning things from them. Its a good give and take. 

My pastor says choose believers for your best friends. I have certainly have that even if their spiritual walk isn’t strong as mines. That can sometimes be difficult. If your friends are good people don’t ditch them but you need some people who are on the same level as you are or higher. You need people to pour into you as you are pouring out into others. Remember to not be judgmental because you were once in the same place they were. I’m not perfect. There are still things I need to work on. Just because I may read the bible more or not engage in the same sin they do doesn’t make me better. You either. We all fall short of what God wants for us. Thank God for new mercies everyday. 


It’s hard because you realize you found something good, you want other people to have it as well. It’s an issue I struggle with often. I don’t understand why the people I love don’t always get it and I often don’t have the words to explain it. I just hope I am a good example. I have to remind myself that I only can do so much and I am not responsible for anyone’s actions but my own. I just have to pray and allow God to do only what he can do.

You may not want to be involved with conversations you used to have or want to go places you used to go. The pressure to fit in can be hard sometimes. My FOMO (Fear of missing out) can be strong! I want to know what is happening and be there when it does, lol. Continue to stay strong though, if they are your friends they won’t put you in positions that make you uncomfortable.


Try to find a group of people your age at church. I know a lot of people don’t like church and have their own issues with it but its a great place to find like minded people. If you really can’t do church try to find online communities, although nothing is the same as in person. I know people will disagree but if you want to grow spiritually you need to be a part of God’s community. I read a lot of books, watch sermons online, listen to podcasts and read my bible but there is something to be said about being in God’s house.

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Being around your friends who may have different faith walks then yours is ok, just remember not to compromise your faith for anyone. The longer you consistently walk with God you will find a balance.