The value of an apology

Apology-Quotes I like the above quote. It is quite mature, a great sentiment. Much easier to say than actually implement in real life. I am terrible that I do not like apologizing. I used to like to just move on like nothing had happened because I am not mad anymore and you aren’t either. This is not a healthy way to handle conflict and it is not very fair to the person that was offended/slighted, etc.

sorry barack obama GIF by NowThis

My not liking to apologize had nothing to do with the other person and everything to with me. Apologizing felt like I was giving up control or admitting weakness. Apologizing is a very vulnerable position to be in. You are kind of out on a ledge by yourself waiting for the other person to react, respond. What if they don’t say anything? Do they have to? Is it necessary? Does it matter? I had to contemplate these questions recently as I issued apologizes for various reasons in the past but got almost no responses. This made matters worse! I almost felt like I shouldn’t have said anything at all. However, often times an apology is not for them to acknowledge but for you to atone for what you have done. The best apology really is changed behavior.  

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