Keeping commitments to yourself

Its 3 pm which means my alarm is going off to stop what I am doing and write. I was very tempted to skip it because I have some regular work to do. You know the work I get paid to do. I told myself, well I wrote this morning, so technically I will be ok. However as I was scrolling through my phone to upload the piece I already wrote I saw this title on my notes page.

Seeing this stopped in my tracks. I was going to not follow my own advice. So I decided to go ahead and write instead of putting it off until later.

Last week, I had a rare opportunity to work outside my house, so I wasn’t home when my 3 pm alarm went off. I was going to blow it off, like oh, I’ll get to it later but I decided to push through.

I was able to get quite of bit of writing down by deciding I was going to put it first.

I read in the book,Girl Wash Your Face By Rachel Hollis, to honor the commitments you make to yourself.

You would never cancel on a friend at the last minute, or keep making excuses about why you couldn’t you hang out with them. So why would you do it to yourself?

When I make commitments to other people, I am on time, I am excited and ready to work. I can not say the same when it comes to doing things for myself. I am trying to take my writing more seriously. Not because I want to make money from it, but because I want to get better. I want people to respect what I have to say. I told someone, I was a wordsmith and they kinda just looked at me.

Its hard to call yourself a writer if you don’t write. I needed (need) to be more consistent.

If you say you are going to work out at 6 everyday, let nothing stop you from doing it, not even yourself. I talk about how to have peace as self care and honoring the commitments to yourself is self-care too.

Treat yourself as well as you would treat your best friend, your partner, or your kid.

Those are people you would work very hard to not let down. Give yourself that same energy. Showing up for yourself everyday will pay off. You just have to continue to be consistent.

4 thoughts on “Keeping commitments to yourself

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