Using your gift

God gives each of us a gift. He decided it that way before we were born. When God gives us a gift we are supposed to give it back to him. I can’t say knew that. It makes sense. He doesn’t give us a gift just for us, it supposed to be for his glory and for others not for us.

All the years I was messing around on blogging. People had been telling me for years my gift was communication. I didn’t believe it because it was too easy. I asked God to tell me what my gift was and he told me in new it all along. It has been a great relief to know what God wants me to do and I felt relieved to do it. I felt immense pressure before I was obedient so I’m glad I listened to God even if it took me some time to do it.

gift quote

I haven’t been blogging in a while because I have been on my summer break. I felt ok about this for a while anyway. Then I read a devotional about giving your gift back to God. God didn’t give me a gift to keep it to myself. It supposed to be used for others. I had hurt Gods feelings and I didn’t even know it. I also was being disobedient because he told me to write and I haven’t really been writing. He didn’t tell me to blog per se but I haven’t even been journaling really and that’s my primary way I talk to God. I can’t be surprised that I was asking God questions and he wasn’t really answering or I was questioning if it was him because I had fallen off on my communication.

I tend to go through this every season. It so easy to get into a slump if you are not consistent. I am proud that God trusts me to talk to His people about his goodness and that people think I am interesting enough to come here and read week after week. I won’t squander the gift God gave me. I think I was just taking the gift for granted. I am not going to do that anymore either.

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