Keeping my tongue from sin(18)


I love the language in Psalms. The writer describes things in a totally different way than you would intially think. When I saw this verse this morning, it made me pull up short. I have been known to talk a lot, especially at work. We do a lot sitting at our desks, so its easy to fall down the rabbit hole of random conversation. Sometimes, I know I could be engaged in more productive activities, such as work. I know, I know. I should know better.

I’m not saying that idle chit chat at work is wicked. I’m just saying that idle talk can walk you into trouble. Sometimes just sitting back and observing or focusing on what you need to do can be advantageous.

You notice more when you are talking less and listening more.Talking too much can have you saying things you dont mean.Be aware of your surroundings and who you are conversing with, it could make a big difference. Remember your words matter.

2 thoughts on “Keeping my tongue from sin(18)

  1. Yes! The saying sticks and stones break bones but words can’t hurt is completely wrong. Our words especially directed towards others have a profound effect positive or negative. What most people don’t understand is that negative talk effects the speaker first. It says in the Bible also. A scientist study water and the effect of positive words spoken to a sample of water vs negative. And when the samples are frozen they produce beautiful geometric patterns for positive words like love. And ugly broken shapes with words like hate. And we are 70 Percent plus water so it’s true words matter and should be chosen to build up positively in all situations. Thanks for the post I needed to read it!

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