Genie in a bottle (6)

Do you treat God like a genie in a bottle? Do you expect God to answer your prayers immediately? I think I do sometimes. I don’t set out intentionally to do this. I guess I take this scripture literally sometimes.

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It says everything, so I pray for everything. I believe God cares about the big things as well as the small things. To him everything is small so I don’t feel any issue I have is to small to bring to him. Small could be, help me find a parking spot or my missing keys or a cute outfit for cheap at the mall. I do this all the time as if it were nothing.

I was on vacation in Chicago for the 4th of July and my friend and I got caught in the rain for the second time after the movies and mis-accurately timed our departure so we were just waiting out the rain in the lobby. I was praying like God, can you slow down the rain so we can walk to the car and not get drenched? Then it started really pouring! Raining sideways and I’m like God this is the exact opposite of what I asked you.

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Then I was like God,I apologize you are not my personal genie who answers prayers at my beck and call. That kind of behavior does not show spiritual growth. There should be a balance in our prayers. The expectation should be that God hears our prayers and he cares but he is going to answer in the best way he sees fit. I may not agree with the way he answers my prayers but I can do nothing but respect it. I should not get mad because he didn’t answer in the way I wanted him to, whether what I prayed for was big or small.

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God is awesome so the rain did let up just enough for us to run to her car. If it didn’t though, it would have still been for my good because I would not have went out again without an umbrella or a hoodie or something.

I will still continue to pray for everything, big or small but I will remember that God is sovereign, not me.

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