Borrowing trouble

I was cruising down the street the other day, just feeling good about life. I was running early for work, traffic was great and my curls were popping! I got the radio blasting and I’m singing along just praising God for his awesomeness. I didn’t have a care in the world. It was great!

It didn’t take long however for my mind to start going other places. Reminding me of all the people I needed to call back, times I spoke out of turn, etc. It was crazy! I hadn’t even been in my car 15 minutes. I keep thinking that I can’t feel this good before work, something bad must be about to happen. I recognized that this was wrong thinking and I immediately stopped and tried to think of something else but it didn’t really work. When I got to work I had to think, why did I let my brain start to think that something could go wrong? I always try to choose joy. I wrote about a few months ago. It’s easier said than done. I try to remind my self to only worry about today and not go and borrow trouble.

It’s easier said than done.

One thought on “Borrowing trouble

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