August wrap up

Here are the top 10+ posts in August. The great thing about this, all these posts were not written in August, a few are oldies but goodies.

Interesting fact is that my number one viewership is from the United States, but my second highest viewers are from China. HELLO CHINA!

Impostor syndrome

Silencing the inner critic

Accountability partners

*Holding on

Do you feel like God left you on read? 10 reasons he might not be answering…

How are you using your time?

Waking up

I thought I had a better plan

10 ways to have peace in turbulent times

*How do you respond to anger? (9)

*Faith vs being realistic


*these are a few years old. Check them out when you get a chance.

I’m looking forward to giving you a little more next month. September is one of my favorite months, because my birthday is coming! September always signifies new beginnings for me.

 pink hello stars words september GIF

See you soon,


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